Dry-Docking & Retrofit Support

4th Jan 2021

In the last months several Owners and Ship Managers have taken advantage of SeaQuest ability to provide qualified and reliable on-site support for their special / intermediate survey dry docking or retrofit projects in Chinese repair yards.

Thanks to the increasing number of newbuilding projects accomplished in China, SeaQuest has built a pool of qualified and experienced Chinese inspectors who are also readily available for being employed in quality of dry-docking / ship repair / retrofit Owners’ Representative / Surveyors.

SeaQuest added values are the ability to have in-hands and select the right expertise for each project anywhere in the country, to provide adequate back-up and technical support through its organization in Far East and to intervene on-site with senior personnel to assist in negotiations with yards as/if needed.

So far SeaQuest has been involved in either one-off, single vessel dry docking / repair works and in multiple BWTS / EGCS retrofit projects around the country for varied ship types, such as LPG/Ethylene Tankers, Bulk Carriers, VLOCs and Offshore Supply Vessels.



SeaQuest Performance - 2020

31st Dec 2020

Despite the adverse impact the COVID-19 pandemic has created over the entire industry, SeaQuest managed to stably endure the tragic occurrence bringing several ongoing projects to successful completion and opening-up new site offices in Korea, China and Turkey. Despite the global emergency and rigid travel restrictions, we were able to send the planned manpower to all our site offices, thanks to the solid and well-assorted pool of professionals available for the SeaQuest in different countries.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, SeaQuest focused on various technical negotiations, new ECO-ship design appraisals and feasibility studies for old and new clients, resulting in the confirmation of new fresh orders.

During the year 2020 SeaQuest confirmed its well-rooted presence on the Korean and Chinese territory, delivering all the twelve (12) ships planned for the year: five in China, four in Korea and three in Turkey.

Among the delivered vessels, the Military Maritime Sustainment Capability ship built at Hyundai HHI for the New Zealand Defence Force deserves a special mention: the project was successfully brought to completion in June after 800 long and challenging days of construction and testing, with over 2 million manhours and flawless safety records for the project.

In 2020 SeaQuest diversified its presence in the marine industry providing supervision services also for drydocking and shipboard systems retrofitting projects, deploying specialized manpower and granting technical assistance to ship owners and operators during design, FAT, onboard commissioning and testing stage, including Ballast Water Treatment and Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems from various manufacture and with tailor-made design.

Among the latest achievements, at the very end of the year SeaQuest managed to secure a new supervision project of three MR tankers built at HMD for a new Greek client.
This last project allowed SeaQuest to finally break through the outstanding record of 400 vessels contracted for the provision of services under our expert management – Special thanks for the great Award!

Positive developments are expected by the beginning of 2021 on several fronts, from current projects’ negotiations as well as for new clients acquirement, whose outcome will be disclosed in due course, paving the way for another prosperous year ahead.

At the helm……

Jan Andersson
CEO/Managing Director
SeaQuest MPM

Season's Greetings

21st Dec 2020

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HMNZS AOTEAROA, New Zealand Logistics Support Vessel signed off at Hyundai

11th Jun 2020

A new state-of-the-art 26k tonne Maritime Sustainment and Capability vessel for the Royal New Zealand Navy has successfully completed its series of 7 Contractual Sea Trials and was delivered on 8 June 2020. SeaQuest Marine Project Management oversaw the entire 28-month construction which was undertaken by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea.

The HMNZS AOTEAROA departed from South Korea on 10 June 2020. The tanker and replenishment ship will be largest the Royal New Zealand Navy has ever operated.

The primary role of AOTEAROA will be to provide global sustainment to New Zealand and coalition maritime, air and land forces with fuel, ammunition and other equipment supplies. 

SeaQuest was entrusted with the prestigious job in April 2017.

Work started with a 3D design review and plan approval in close cooperation with the New Zealand Navy, followed by construction supervision.  The SeaQuest plan approval and site teams included specialist supervisors for hull & structure, machinery & outfitting, electrical & automation, ICS & IPMS, paint & coatings.  SeaQuest’s ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Assurance system ensured a smooth process throughout the project.

The vessel has been built to the highest level of Lloyds Register of Shipping standards, in addition to complying with NATO & Naval Rules.

SeaQuest CEO Jan Andersson was delighted with the finished vessel: “We feel extremely privileged to have successfully completed this project for the NZ Navy," he said.  
"SeaQuest were tasked with the design review, plan approval and construction supervision of this challenging and advanced MSC Polar Class 6 vessel.
Once again we have proven that our experience in supervision and familiarity with Far Eastern builders can aid a newbuilding project like no one else.
This is the third time we have looked after a naval support ship, first from Royal Fleet Auxiliary UK, second from NDLO Norway and now from NZ Crown.
SeaQuest are fully equipped to serve any naval project to the best of our abilities again in future.

AOTEAROA is winterised and ice strengthened to increase New Zealand's ability to replenish and resupply their - and other countries'- Antarctic programmes.
It has two identical replenishment at sea stations and is able to liquid transfer to two vessels simultaneously.
The ship is powered by a Combined Diesel Electric and Diesel (CODLAD) propulsion system developed by Rolls Royce.
AOTEAROA can generate 250 tonnes of fresh water per day and has an aviation capability which allows it to operate all New Zealand Defence Force helicopters.In addition, AOTEAROA has sick-bay treatment facilities with a medical ward and ensuite gymnasium, Wi-Fi connectivity in recreation spaces, library and training facilities and cabins with integrated ensuites.

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