First LR3 Product Tanker delivered

12th Sep 2016

Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company (AMPTC) has just taken delivery of M/T Star Energy, the first of two  LR3 Product Carriers built by the Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Samho (HSHI) under the supervision of SeaQuest.

It was a breakthrough by AMPTC the introduction on the market of these vessels (159,000 DWT with epoxy-coated tanks suitable to carry clean petroleum products) and SeaQuest had a crucial role in the project, attending negotiation of contractual specifications and makers list and carrying out the plan approval in conjunction with owner’s technical department.

The careful new building supervision of our personnel strongly contributed to achieving the on-time and flawless delivery of Star Energy, despite the coating of such extended cargo tanks was a yard’s premiere and definitely a challenging task for all parties involved.

Our site team remains in Samho yard following the construction of Star Energy’s sister vessel, whose delivery is scheduled later on in this Autumn.


VLCC project completed

13th May 2016

The final highlight of 1.5 year work of SeaQuest new building supervision team at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Gunsan production yard, was successfully accomplished with the delivery of the fourth and last VLCC to her Singaporean Owners.

As usual, our personnel has been working to ensure the best quality possible in the construction, proactively cooperating with yard project managers, workforce, subcontractors, class surveyors and Owners' technical department.


MR Product Carrier project completed

2nd Mar 2016

SPP, Dukpo plant, S.Korea: SeaQuest new building supervision team in SPP successfully completed another project with the delivery of the tenth in a row of MR Product Carriers.

SPP, a leading builder in the MR segment, carried out the project at their Goseong and Sacheon facilities, and these ships are at the leading edge in eco-ship design - high-spec, fuel-efficient models with strengthened hulls, increased cargo area, and in full compliance with many upcoming environmental regulations.

From negotiations with shipyards, concepts on drawing blocks, and actual steel cutting and finally delivery, SeaQuest had a crucial role in the project and focused on quality at all stages of construction, with full satisfaction of the Owners.

SeaQuest has now delivered 55 new buildings at SPP shipyards. The total number of ships in our new building records has reached 280.


Ten VLGCs project completed

25th Feb 2016

HSHI yard, Mokpo, S.Korea:  the last in a row of ten ECO VLGCs was successfully delivered to her owners.

SeaQuest succeeded in the challenging task to carry out the supervision of thirteen modern Eco VLGCs in two projects at DMSE and HSHI in S.Korea, ensuring the delivery all vessels in superb sailing and trading conditions in less than 20 months from the steel cutting of the first hull, with full satisfaction of the ship owning company.

The SeaQuest site team, guided by our Project Manager, reached up to over 20 multi-national newbuilding supervisors in peak periods, including the Site Manager, machinery, hull, paint inspectors, and experts in automation, LPG cargo containment and cryogenic systems, assisted by up to two secretaries.

SeaQuest has a track record of twenty VLGCs contracted for plan approval and construction supervision.

M/V Caravelle - late afternoon delivery