Newcastlemax anticipated delivery

25th Jul 2019

Thanks to our usual strong grip on the project, we managed to get a Chinese yard to deliver five of the eight Newcastlemaxes on order eight months earlier than scheduled: what an outstanding achievement for SeaQuest site team at New Times shipyard!

SeaQuest has been in charge of the project management since the very initial steps, with technical specification review and contractual negotiations, followed by makers selection, plan approval and, since August 2018, the construction supervision.

Based on the anticipated schedule, the first ship will be delivered on August 7 and the remaining ships are planned for delivery within May 2020, with full satisfaction of the ship owning company.


Ro-Pax right on track

28th Jun 2019

The Keel Laying ceremony took place on 28 June 2019 at Guangzhou Shipyard International for the 1,800 passenger / 3,240 lm RO-Pax under construction for Algeria Ferries (ENTMV).

The ceremony was attended by top managers of the shipping company, the yard and, of course, SeaQuest in charge of technical specifications review, plan approval and construction supervision of the vessel.

It was once more an occasion for Jan Andersson, SeaQuest CEO & MD, to verify the progress and quality standards of the construction.


“Do We Manage Ships or Do We Manage Regulations?”

15th May 2019

In a keynote presentation at the 2019 Marine Money Conference in Hamburg, John Platsidakis, Managing Director at Maran Dry Management Inc. & Director at Angelicoussis Shipping Group, expressed his thoughts regarding the flood of regulations that have affected - are affecting, and will continue to affect - the future of our shipping industry.

You can read the full speech here.


SeaQuest on TradeWinds

11th Apr 2019

TradeWinds has posted below article mentioning SeaQuest role in GEV's CNG carriers project:

GEV shortlists three yards for CNG quartet

Australia-listed Global Energy Ventures (GEV) is ready to award shipbuilding contracts for four new compressed natural gas (CNG) carriers.
It said it had received "comprehensive technical specifications" from three shortlisted shipyards to construct the new CNG 200 Optimum design.
The unnamed yards had until the end of March to come back with their plans.

GEV’s shipping team, led by non-executive director Jens Martin Jensen, will now complete an evaluation of each specification.
Jensen, the former Frontline boss, said: “We are pleased with the three shipyards' submissions and that the target date for delivery was achieved on time.
“Updated pricing and ship construction schedules will now be the focus in the June quarter.”

Shipbroker Clarksons Platou will work with the company, together with SeaQuest Marine Project Management, on finalizing specifications and yard selection.
GEV remains on track to complete all pre-construction activities and award contracts to yards by the end of this quarter, it said.

Multiple projects pursued

Its stated aims are to pursue multiple CNG projects to improve the probability of success, secure access to strategic gas resources and bring in world-class staff.

GEV chairman and CEO Maurice Brand said: “The technical specification provided from three credentialled shipyards combined with the full American Bureau of Shipping approval received in January 2019 is having a material positive impact on our CNG project development activities.”

CNG is gas stored under pressure and, unlike LNG, does not require complex and expensive liquefaction facilities, GEV said. 

The Optimum design maximizes the amount of CNG that can be stored within the hull of a ship, using a containment system built using close-packed, high strength pipes that run the entire length of the ship’s cargo hold. 

"The invention of a mechanism to clamp these gas storage pipes so tightly together that they become locked together as one allows this design to meet all classification requirements," it said.