Case Study 4
Shipbuilding contract for a series of Kamsarmax bulk carriers

Ensuring successful building of bulk carriers despite a change of production site. The management of the shipbuilding contract for a series of Kamsarmax bulk carriers was awarded to SeaQuest Marine S.A., in a leading South Korean shipyard.

We encountered a few challenges during this project. Firstly, the builder’s original design of the rudder area was just 1.34% of the lateral projected area below the waterline; this meant there was a risk of poor manoeuvrability and stability. Secondly, the design modification for the inner bottom strength was not incorporated into the production drawings. Finally, the builder changed the production site for the subsequent series vessels.

Risk Mitigation
SeaQuest took a hands-on approach and looked to resolve each of these challenges. We modified the design of the rudder area, over 1.8%, and ensured that the vessel fully complied with IMO standards for ship manoeuvrability, in accordance with the standards outlined in Resolution MSC 137 (76).

Emergency action was taken, in collaboration with builder’s top management, to rectify the ship’s initial fabrication, saving the client time and cost. For the subsequent series vessels SeaQuest quickly and efficiently set up a new site team, integrating them with the existing team. This allowed the ships quality to match and fully satisfy the client’s requirements at both builder’s yards.