SeaQuest performance in 2021

31st Dec 2021

Braving the COVID-19 pandemic for the 2nd year in succession, SeaQuest overcame the adverse impact faced all over the marine industry and managed to brilliantly thrive in such stormy conditions thanks its proactive management, prompt decision making and diversified projects/clients portfolio.

During the year 2021, SeaQuest successfully delivered 15 outstanding ships which included:
- 300k DWT VLCCs for OSC (Oman)
- 157k DWT Oil Tankers for Metrostar (Greece)
- 115k DWT Product Carriers for ONEX DMCC (UAE)
- 112k DWT Swedish-Finnish Ice-Class 1A Oil Tankers for Neste (Finland)
- 50k DWT Chemical Carriers IMO II for Transpetrol (Belgium) & EMM (Greece)
- 1,800 Passengers / 3,250 lm RO-PAX for ENTMV (Algeria),
- Live Fish Carriers for Aasmek (Turkey)
and completed various projects for EGCS, BWTS and Norsepower Rotor Sails retrofitting, ship repairs and extensive drydockings with major steel renewal works on a number of  Panamax and Newcastlemax Bulk Carriers. SeaQuest achieved all its goals surmounting the global emergency and rigid travel restrictions, promptly populating planned manpower with ample support from its well-assorted pool of international professionals, promptly  available at any time.

Since the beginning of the year 2021, SeaQuest unhesitatingly embraced new technologies, supported its clients in their new building programs and aimed at a totally new design development, such as the first-of-its-kind compressed H2 carriers, whose market expects to expand in the coming years.

Since 2020, SeaQuest secured a solid new buildings portfolio consisting of over 45 ships, including VLCCs, 210k DWT Dual-Fuel Bulk Carriers, 158k DWT Oil Tankers,  114k DWT Dual-Fuel Product Carriers, 86K m3 Dual-Fuel VLGCs, 50k DWT Chemical Carriers, 1,000 Passengers / 1,290 lm  RO-PAX, 17k DWT RO-RO Cargo Vessels, 86 M Heavy Deck Barges, 3.6kK DWT IMO II Chemical Carriers, Live Fish Carriers. The ships are under construction in the best shipyards in Korea, China and Turkey. As mentioned, SeaQuest is also actively pursuing a 430 T Compressed Hydrogen Carrier design development project with interested stakeholders.

The new projects include state-of-the-art design solutions, energy-saving devices, best in dual-fuel LNG or LPG propulsion, and very well  meet the highest standards for EEDI Phase 3 and GHG emission category “A”. The Permanent Magnet shaft generator is one of the several ECO-design features adopted. In fact, the above mentioned Newcastlemax ultra-large capesize Dual-Fuel (LNG) vessels will be among the most efficient ships featuring innovative Permanent Magnet shaft generators with a Power-Take-Off solution, thus improving the vessels’ energy efficiency by up to four percent while enhancing their operational flexibility.

On the Dual-Fuel front, besides the Newcastlemax Bulk Carriers,  SeaQuest will provide its turnkey service for the Bocomm/LDC’s LNG Dual-Fuel Chemical Parcel Tankers IMO II with 20 cargo tanks, for the LNG Dual-Fuel Aframax Products Carriers, and for the LPG Dual-Fuel VLGC. Among the various feasibility studies underway, SeaQuest is also involved with Methanol as alternative fuel for marine applications.

In terms of hi-tech and ECO-design, the Ro-Pax and the Ro-Ro Hybrid Cargo vessels feature extremely sophisticated fuel-efficient design and include the most modern features for comfort and Zero-emissions in port operation.

2022 is expected to be another challenging year, with 10+ ship deliveries planned and a number of new projects, some of them currently at design stage under the meticulous review of SeaQuest Plan Approval team.

SeaQuest is looking forward to another prosperous year. The company endeavours to face new markets and rules enforcements challenges, leading new building projects negotiations, embarking on new ECO-designs ventures and deploying its highly specialized manpower to ensure the delivery of  top-notch services for the benefits of its clients.

At the helm....

Jan Andersson
CEO/Managing Director
SeaQuest MPM

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Season's Greetings

25th Dec 2021

SeaQuest wish you all the best for the New Year 2022.

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Archive pictures for old UK RFA Tide Class MARS tankers

16th Dec 2021

In a photo archive we found some pictures of the UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary Logistics Support & Replenishment At Sea vessels built in the sixties: Tidespring and Tidepool.

Above and below is an interesting design comparison between old and new “Tide” series vessels.

The new Tidespring, Tidesurge, Tiderace, Tideforce, which took service in recent years, have been built in S.Korea under the supervision of SeaQuest.

Photo courtesy of Pradignac and Léo


Isle of Man Steam Packet RO-Pax: new building supervision and technical advice.

2nd Dec 2021

In a recent post of their website, Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has mentioned SeaQuest for its crucial role in the construction of their new flagship ferry Manxman at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea.

Here is what they say:

"Renowned project management company Sea Quest Marine (SQM) was set up in 2003 and now boasts a team of more than 200 across many of the major shipyards in the far east. SQM has overseen the construction, major conversion and docking of more than 420 vessels since its conception, recently delivering a number of Ro-Ro ferries for European clients. SQM now brings its experience and expertise to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) in South Korea for the delivery of Manxman.

SQM will provide on-site supervision and advice to our team on specialist areas of the build including weld inspection, pipe production and testing, paint preparation and application, electrical and machinery installation, and further down the line during the testing and trials process.

Co-Founder and CEO, Jan Anderson, is project manager of the SQM team at HMD. With a BSc in Marine Engineering and experience as a sea-going chief engineer, before moving into new-building projects at the age of 25, Jan has worked closely with shipyards, contractors and classification societies throughout his career. A former technical director at Star Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines, he has considerable familiarity with high-end passenger vessels and is the ideal candidate to be heading up the SQM team."

The full article can be read here.