Splash247 about SeaQuest

28th Nov 2018

Splash247 has posted today an interview with Jan Andersson, SeaQuest CEO & Managing Director.
Janne explains how he sees the new building supervision market changing and talks about the next challenges for his company's future.

Check here to read the full article.


Ro-Pax New Building Supevision

10th Sep 2018

Alger, 10 September 2018: Algérie Ferries (ENTMV - Entreprise Nationale de Transport Maritime de Voyageurs) has appointed SeaQuest for the new building project management of a RoPax Car-Ferry vessel contracted at Guangzhou Shipyard International in China.

SeaQuest mission covers the engineering and plan approval phases and the construction supervision, including all trials and commissioning until the delivery of the vessel to ENTMV. SeaQuest will provide its support also during the vessel’s warranty period, in case needed.

The SeaQuest project management and supervision team is formed by multinational specialists in machinery, hull, coating, automation/electric & HSE and typical passenger vessels' inspectors in charge of HVAC, Hotel/Catering, Accommodation & Interior Decoration. 

The vessel has a capacity of 1,800 passengers and 600 vehicles (about 3,250 lane meters); all passengers’ common, individual spaces and other facilities shall be of the European standard, luxurious, and shall include very high-quality equipment, accessories and materials.
The delivery is scheduled around mid-2020.


Aframax Crude Oil Tankers Delivered

26th Jul 2018

The delivery of two Aframax crude oil tankers built under SeaQuest supervision was successfully completed at DAEHAN Shipbuilding yard on 26 July 2018.

The owners, Metrostar Corporation, have two more LR2 product carriers under construction at the same yard and again supervised by SeaQuest.

So far Metrostar has appointed SeaQuest for the supervision of more than 30 new buildings, including VLCCs, Suezmax and Aframax oil tankers, Handy and Capesize bulk carriers.
Some of those vessels have been resold while under construction: SeaQuest supervision played a crucial role in the smooth novation of the ship building contract and in all cases the company has been re-confirmed by the new owners to complete the construction supervision.