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SeaQuest provides a wide range of quality services at competitive prices. From assigning an individual specialist to developing and managing complex shipbuilding and conversion projects, the company offers unique engineering and commercial packages tailored to suit each individual project and client.

We passionately believe that an independent team of experts working hand in hand with the ship owning client and yard will deliver the best possible results. A reasonable investment at the initial stage of any shipping project will ensure a longer life for the asset, less time in the repair yard and ongoing operational efficiencies. Shipbuilding project management is our core business. We operate under a short chain of command to ensure fast action and keep within budget with no over-runs ever experienced on any project.

Evaluation & contracting
The first decision an owner must make is which yard to choose. Without in-depth local knowledge, long-standing relationships or people on the ground, this can be a difficult task. SeaQuest can assist in yard selection by carrying out the ship design review and comparing the performances. Years of experience in Far Eastern countries such as South Korea, Japan and China means that we can ensure the most suitable yard is selected based on our in-depth knowledge and the owner’s technical requirements. We can enter into technical and contractual negotiations with the yards achieving significant savings and improvements.

Plan approval
At the initial stages of a new building project, we thoroughly examine and evaluate all the main drawings and technical specifications to ensure the design is fully compliant with the latest mandatory international regulations. We are able to anticipate regulatory changes and ensure that any vessel built takes into account regulations that have yet to be implemented. Once agreed with the owner, we can then negotiate any required modifications or improvements with the yard.

The ship design review at this stage aims to ensure that the latest most efficient and user-friendly arrangement from the operational point of view is implemented, including any special requirements from the client.

From attending model tests to meetings with the yard and owners, we work with our clients every step of the way. We believe that investing time at this crucial stage of the project brings huge long-term benefits both in terms of cost savings as well as the working life of the vessel.

Safety and Quality Assurance
Our Safety and Quality Assurance System, which consists of a comprehensive set of tried and tested procedures is stricter than the procedures usually implemented by the shipyards, and accepted by Classification Societies, ensuring we achieve a higher standard of quality.

From ballast water management systems to deck gear, we can evaluate the proposed equipment and if necessary improve the selection. We aim to ensure that only top quality equipment is installed on our clients’ vessels and can negotiate with the manufacturers and yard to obtain additional benefit packages for the vessel and the client.

SeaQuest Marine Project Management: marine consultancy, ship design review and plan approval

The team
The Managing Director together with the Project Managers reside in or close to the building country, exactly where the services are taking place, giving extremely fast reaction time to any problem during the construction stages, whilst supporting the Site Managers in these critical phases. This ensures a dedicated single local point of contact for our clients. Each client has full support for every need that may arise and is kept regularly updated on the project’s progress.  SeaQuest will select the strongest possible site team, handling all employment contracts, administration, visas, travel and accommodation. Once on site, we ensure that the team is closely monitored and report regularly to our clients about the project’s progress.

Vessel delivery
SeaQuest ensures that the vessel’s preparation for sea service is as smooth as possible. From organizing the crew’s phase-in plan to the ship’s naming ceremony, we ensure that no detail is missed. We prepare all documentation for registration, oversee the issue of the ship's statutory certification and organize any shipboard inspections required before departure. Our Project Manager coordinates the crew arrival onboard along with the initial storing for sea. Once the vessel is in operation SeaQuest provides support in case of guarantee issues.

Our sister company, SeaQuest Shipmanagement, may also provide assistance for the day-by-day operations with a range of ship management and crewing services. For further information on ship management services please click here.

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Worldwide expertise in shipbuilding project management

We have a strong shipbuilding project management presence in Asia, specifically in China, Japan, Korean and Vietnam, giving us an advantage when working in these areas. Over the years we have established excellent relationships with the leading Asian shipyards.

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